Neil Haugerud, author of Jailhouse Stories and Holiday Forever resides in Preston, Minnesota

Neil’s interests are many and varied, reflecting his life.   In his eight decades on this earth, he has been — among other things — a carpenter, a farmer, a Sunday school teacher, a Marine, an interrogator of accused criminals (who got his subjects to talk with kindness, not waterboarding), a deputy sheriff and sheriff, a real estate and insurance agent, a prominent state legislator, the chair of the Upper Mississippi River Basin Commission, a small-town newspaper columnist, a mediator and consultant in conflict management, and a loving husband, father, and grandfather.

Throughout his long life and varied career, there has been one constant, driving factor: Service to others, bundled with compassion. Now, at an age when most persons have long since retired, the need to be of service to others keeps drawing him to the issue of crime and how best to deal with it.


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